Truck Bed Racks Canada

Truck Bed Racks Canada

Looking for a quality Canadian bed rack?

So were we!

If you haven't followed us for long, you may not know that Overland Racks Ontario began out of our own, personal need.
We had a trip planned and were looking to purchase a rooftop tent for our big trip. Thus began the Google searches for "truck bed racks Canada".
Read more on how we began on our About page.

Truck Bed Racks Canada
Looking for a truck bed rack in Canada? We've been there!

What we found:

Big name brands

The easiest to find online - the big name brands in car and truck roof racks.

They are well known brands for a reason - they make good quality products and are easily accessible.

However, when you compare the price to the features, these options leave quite a bit to be desired.


The vast majority of bed racks available in Canada are imported from anywhere from the USA to as far as China. Including the couple big name brands.

The added freight and import fees that have to be paid by distributors all end up being added to the end retail price.

In this category, you have anything from extremely high quality gear, to cheap Amazon specials.

At the end of the day, do your research before buying - there are numerous horror stories on internet forums, complete with pictures of folded bedsides and damaged tents caused by companies taking shortcuts.


The Canadian market is thankfully, slowly growing in this area.

While we firmly believe that we have an affordable, feature loaded option for everyone, do your research and see what's out there.

You'll find 3 main options:
- Imported products
- Manufacturers
- Local fabrication shops

We fall into the latter 2 of those categories offering both, Canadian made, ready to ship options, as well as custom round tube work for local customers.

What to look for in a bed rack?


When it comes to bed racks, you typically have 2 options - steel or aluminum.


Steel is the material of choice balancing strength, weight and cost.
When finished properly, by a reputable company, steel will provide years of uncompromised service.


Aluminum, although often accompanied by higher costs, both in material and labour is an extremely versatile material.
Providing superior corrosion resistance along with weight savings, makes aluminum a great choice.

The ORO Modular Bed Rack perfectly combines steel and aluminum bringing the benefit of both materials to make for a lightweight, extremely strong, corrosion resistant bed rack, perfect for the Canadian climate.


Key criteria when shopping bed racks for anyone is features and benefits.

The only advice we have is to give some serious thought to the future accessories you may consider.

The accessory that feels unnecessary and overpriced today, may be your next purchase once you get out more and see what the limitations of your current setup are.

Be sure to choose a bedrack with lots of options for expansion such as bolt holes, accessory mounts, etc.

Don't forget to factor in tonneau covers - if you want to have your gear covered from the dusty backroads and the rain and snow, buy a bed rack compatible with tonneau covers from the start.

Our most recent update to our modular rack removed our logo and added more bolt holes on the uprights. Not to mention the tonneau compatibility out of the box.


The topic everyone's waiting for - whether you're a millionaire, or working on a tight budget, price matters.

We typically shop for our personal gear with value in mind rather than price.

It's not about finding the cheapest option. It's also not about reading one blog post titled "Best ____ of 2021" and buying that top product.

Look at what you're paying of your hard earned money and what you're getting in return.

If it's not jam packed with features and benefits, it may not be the best option for you.

We've worked hard to keep options in our lineup for all pricepoints.
Compare the features of our most expensive option to other options on the market and we can tell you, we won't be beat on value.

Check out all our options today!

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