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Bed Lights / Rock Lights Kit (Includes 2 Lights)

Bed Lights / Rock Lights Kit (Includes 2 Lights)

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The beam pattern on these bed lights is outstanding!

We've sourced some of the best rock lights we could find and used them as the perfect bed lights!
With 2 of these on the rear load bar of your bed rack, you get excellent lighting on the tailgate area and still light up the entire bed area right up to the bed wall.

Makes working or cooking on your tailgate a breeze!

With them mounted high above the bed, there's no blocking the light output like typical LED strips along the bed sides.

Important Wiring Info:
When ordered in our Ultimate Rack Lighting Kit, we add the required waterproof connectors to these lights to plug into our harness. When ordered separately here, they have the standard pigtail that is ready for your connector of choice, or to be butt spliced to your wiring.

Extremely Bright and Versatile Light
410 lm / 9.61 lux @ 10m


Power: 9W
LEDs: 3*3W Cree
Effective Lumens: 410lm
Beam Pattern: 90°
Colour Temperature: 5700k
Input Voltage: DC10-40V
Current Draw: 0.38A @ 12V, 0.19A @ 24V
Waterproof: IP68
Housing: Aluminum Alloy
Lens: Polycarbonate
Wire Length: 45cm Pigtail
Temperature Range: -20° – +50°
Warranty: 3 Year Limited
What’s included: Pair of Lights, Mounting Pads for curved & flat surfaces

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